You Got Served Songs List

You Got Served
Written by BeeBee
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You Got Served Soundtrack list – Elgin and David begin a dance crew that engages in dance battles at a local club. But tensions begin to brew when Wade challenges them to a dance-off for a big cash prize.

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You Got Served SoundTrack Songs List

01. Badaboom (3:42)
02. Do That Thing (featuring Lil’ Kim) (Album Version) (3:37)
03. Take It To The Floor (Album Version) (3:42)
04. Sprung (Album Version) (3:42)
05. Out The Hood (Album Version) (4:46)
06. Streets Is Callin’ (Album Version) (4:14)
07. Fizzo Got Flow (Album Version) (3:25)
08. Happy (featuring B2K) (Album Version) (3:44)
09. Smile (Album Version) (3:01)
10. Smellz Like A Party (featuring Rufus Blaq) (Album Version) (4:13)
11. The One (Album Version) (3:50)
12. Can I Get It Back (featuring Red Café) (New Clean Version) (3:09)
13. Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory) (3:53)
14. Uh Huh (Ron G Remix) (3:35)

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