Winter Sonata Songs List

Winter Sonata
Written by BeeBee
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Winter Sonata – The story begins when Joon-sang (Bae Yong-joon), the son of an eminent musician, moves to Chuncheon, a rural city in South Korea. As an extraordinarily talented student, Joon-sang is welcomed by his fellow students as well as his teachers, but remains a quiet, introverted teenager. As a result of the belief that his biological father is dead, and serious disagreements with his mother, Joon-sang believes that no one truly loves him.

Three Pines Songs List

Winter Sonata Free Songs List Soundtrack

01. From the Beginning Until Now (4:28)
02. My Memory (4:08)
03. First Time (3:18)
04. Only You (4:03)
05. From the Beginning Until Now (Instrumental) (4:28)
06. My Memory (Piano & Violin Ver.) (4:25)
07. The Love I Can Not Send (4:37)
08. The Beginning (3:50)
09. Only You (Piano & Violin Ver.) (4:16)
10. My Memory (Piano Ver.) (4:20)
11. Don’t Forget (3:51)
12. Inside the Memories (Instrumental) (4:21)
13. Lover (Chinese Ver.) (4:23)
14. Violet (4:39)
15. Only You (Piano Ver.) (4:18)
16. First Time (Piano Ver.) (3:17)
17. Violet (Instrumental) (4:41)

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