Windwalker Songs List

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Windwalker Soundtrack list – Windwalker is an aged Cheyenne warrior. As a young husband and father, he watched helplessly as his wife, Tashina, was killed and one of their twin sons kidnapped during a raid by rival Crow warriors. After many years of searching unsuccessfully for this son, Windwalker dies during the winter of 1797 in what will become the state of Utah.

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Windwalker SoundTrack Songs List

01. Windwalker: Main Title (1:53)
02. Love Flute and Birth (3:50)
03. Tashina’s Death and Search (3:27)
04. Crow Village (2:50)
05. Burial Ground (3:54)
06. Resurrection (4:12)
07. Little Warriors (2:41)
08. Bear Kill (3:54)
09. Return of Grandfather (3:11)
10. Final Battle (2:48)
11. Walk in the Wind of Eternity (5:21)
12. Windwalker: End Titles (2:04)
13. Windwalker Suite (4:24)

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