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Written by Cherry
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Wild Republic-In the middle of the impassable landscape at the foot of the Alps: A group of young intensive offenders is to be introduced to resocialization through an experiential education measure. Then it happens: a staff member dies violently. No one knows what exactly happened and the young people are faced with a difficult decision: Wait for the authorities to discover the dead man and solve the crime? Or flee and take their fate into their own hands? The teenagers have little in common, but one thing unites them: they have had damn bad experiences with the authorities and the justice system and have no confidence that they will be treated fairly. Since they themselves do not know who the perpetrator is, they have only one choice: they flee in the only possible direction – further and higher into the Alpine massif. Their escape seems a hopeless endeavor until they come across a huge hidden cave where they can hide and protect themselves from wind, weather and pursuers. Under the leadership of the charismatic Ron, they try to build their own society here. But soon the notorious lawbreakers have to decide what to do when their own laws are broken.

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Wild Republic Free Songs List Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2021
Country: Germany
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Playtime: 59:41

1. Er wars nicht (3:00)
2. Bitte beeil dich (1:58)
3. Fass mich nicht an (1:57)
4. Schach (2:43)
5. Spiel dich nicht so auf (2:05)
6. Wir kriegen ein Kind (2:30)
7. Sonnenaufgang (2:42)
8. Trinkwasser (2:53)
9. Regen (3:21)
10. Kann ich jetzt bitte gehen (2:12)
11. Wartet mal ab (2:37)
12. Neustart (4:41)
13. Zur Höhle (2:00)
14. Deine Haut ist so weich (3:07)
15. Brandzeichen (2:05)
16. Machst du das (2:23)
17. Verschwundener Hase (2:14)
18. Aus der Spur (2:19)
19. Spritze (2:21)
20. Bestrafung (1:51)
21. Weiter nach rechts (2:19)
22. Ave Maria (1:59)
23. Sie hat es geschafft (1:57)
24. Es ist sehr schön bei euch (2:38)

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