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Veneno – Veneno focuses on the life and death of one of the most important and beloved LGBT icons in Spain, known as La Veneno (Cristina Ortiz). Despite being known for her charisma, and a fun personality, La Veneno’s life and death remains an enigma. This story tells the experiences of a struggling transgender woman, who achieved fame with television appearances in the 90s and conquered the audience with a unique vision of the world. Throughout her life, the LGBT story in Spain is narrated from the 1960s to the present day.

The series follows the story of Valeria Vegas, a journalism student who never understood why people called her by a name that was not her own, the same thing that happened to Cristina, by then misnamed “Joselito” and the same one she had they have to survive a cruel and violent childhood under the Spain of the 60s. Two women who were born in very different times but who end up united forever when Valeria decides to write a book about the life of the iconic Cristina, La Veneno.[18] The series also talks about the importance and relevance of mass media, how it can popularize or marginalize in just one second.

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Veneno Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. La Mujer Más Guapa del Mundo (7:51)
2. La Noche de San José (1:29)
3. Manolito (6:15)
4. Digo (1:30)
5. Envidia de Siempre (2:14)
6. Parque del Oeste (1:42)
7. Adra (2:44)
8. Valeria (2:10)
9. El Primer Beso (1:38)
10. Estrellas de Cine (0:34)
11. Y Tú Cuándo (0:56)
12. Sola (2:12)
13. Navidad Con Paca (2:16)
14. Encajar (0:54)
15. Cristina (1:26)
16. Funeral (9:07)
17. Epílogo (2:09)

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