Vampirella Songs List

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Vampirella Soundtrack list – 30 centuries ago, on a distant planet called Drákulon, lies a civilized vampire society that drinks synthetic blood that flows through rivers across the planet. Harmony is interrupted when Vlad Tepish, a rebel vampire who prefers the traditional practice of sucking the blood of others, ends, along with his accomplices, with all the members of the council of elders who govern Drákulon and flees to Earth in order to create a race of vampires with their own ideals.

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Vampirella SoundTrack Songs List

01. Titles/Drakulon Opening/Vlad’s Escape/Dad Dies (7:51)
02. Vampirella Appears in Alley/The Fight/Vampirella Tells Forry her Story (5:34)
03. Quick Kill: Purge Team Set Up/Vampirella Finds Professor Trax/A Lead on Vlad (6:12)
04. Purge Team Arrests Vlad and Vampirella (4:17)
05. Escaping The Police Van/First Confrontation (3:43)
06. Vampirella’s Story/From Mars to Earth (4:15)
07. Let’s Work Together/Vlad’s Base/ Taking Vampirella to Purge HQ (3:02)
08. Vampirella Tries the Sun Gun/Van Helsing and the Artificial Blood (4:56)
09. Vlad Addresses the Council/Walsh Prays (3:24)
10. Vampirella Attacks Guards/Our Souls are Identical/Start the Countdown (2:40)
11. The Kiss: Vlad’s Speech/Vampirella’s Bloodthirst (3:34)
12. Purge Team Arrive/The Battle (3:27)
13. Vampirella Battles Vlad (4:08)
14. End Credit Score Suite (3:58)

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