Valley Girl Songs List

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Valley Girl Soundtrack list – In present day, Ruby Richman arrives home, upset about breaking up with her boyfriend that night over her plans to participate in a study program in Japan. Her mother, Julie, sits her down and recounts to Ruby her own final semester of high school.

In the early 1980s, as a teenager, Julie is a Valley girl who lives in Encino, Los Angeles, frequents shopping malls with her friends, Stacey, Karen and Loryn and dates Mickey, a popular but arrogant jock. However, she begins to feel disillusioned to her lifestyle and has second thoughts regarding her future with Mickey. She also aspires to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, rather than Cal State Northridge, as her parents and friends expect. At the beach, she comes across Randy, a Hollywood punk and lead singer of the band Safety Recall. The two flirt briefly before she abruptly leaves. That night, Julie and her friends attend a costume party at Mickey’s house. Randy and his bandmates, Sticky and Jack, arrive at the venue, but are promptly thrown out. Later, Randy insists Julie leaves the party with him. Accompanied by a reluctant Stacey, Julie joins Randy and his friends to attend the band’s performance at a punk nightclub. After Stacey leaves and Safety Recall perform, Julie spends the rest of the night with Randy, culminating with the two sharing a kiss.

An American Affair Songs List

Valley Girl SoundTrack Songs List

1. Jessica Rothe, Valley Girl Cast – We Got The Beat (1:50)
2. Josh Whitehouse, Mae Whitman, Mario Revolori – Bad Reputation (1:15)
3. Peyton List, Valley Girl Cast – Hey Mickey Call Me (1:19)
4. Jessica Rothe, Ashleigh Murray, Chloe Bennet – Girls Just Want To Have Fun (2:14)
5. Jessica Rothe, Valley Girl Cast, Chloe Bennet – Kids In America (2:20)
6. Josh Whitehouse, Valley Girl Cast, Mae Whitman – You Might Think (2:07)
7. Deap Vally – A Million Miles Away (3:39)
8. Van Nice – Makin’ Me Like You (1:52)
9. Josh Whitehouse, Mae Whitman, Mario Revolori – Crazy For You (1:37)
10. Jessica Rothe, Ashleigh Murray, Chloe Bennet – Aerobics Mash Up – Just Can’t Get Enough/Material Girl/I Can’t Go For That/Tainted Love – Medley (1:51)
11. Deap Vally – Space Age Love Song (3:26)
12. Deap Vally – Obsessed With You (2:38)
13. Josh Whitehouse – Take On Me (2:52)
14. Leon Else – Safety Dance (3:02)
15. Josh Whitehouse, Mae Whitman – Boys Don’t Cry (2:43)
16. Josh Whitehouse, Jessica Rothe, Valley Girl Cast – Under Pressure (3:44)
17. American Authors – Dance Hall Days (4:03)
18. American Authors – Dancing With Myself (3:20)
19. American Authors – Heaven (3:33)
20. Josh Whitehouse, Mae Whitman – I Melt With You (Duet) (2:21)
21. American Authors – I Melt With You (Prom Version) (2:05)

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