Twist Songs List

Written by BeeBee
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Twist Soundtrack list – A thief named Tom steals an envelope from a safe and escapes from guards, but is thrown off a building by an unseen assailant. The envelope is stolen while Tom is left to die. Years before, a boy named Oliver lived with his mother Molly and their hobby was painting. After Molly dies from unknown causes, Oliver runs away being scared due to not knowing anyone else. He teaches himself to free run and gets the nickname “Twist”. One day while graffiti spraying on a traffic warden’s van, the police chase him and he meets Dodge and Batesey (The Artful Dodger and Charles Bates). They escape to their den near the Truman Brewery where Twist meets Fagin their carer. The next morning, Twist draws a giant graffiti painting on a building.

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Twist SoundTrack Songs List

01. Let’s Twist (2:06)
02. What Does Oliver See? (2:49)
03. Fagin In Disguise (1:22)
04. Twist Meets the Gang (1:47)
05. I Can Go Anywhere (1:40)
06. Complications (1:44)
07. Fagin’s Backstory (2:12)
08. Do You Want Some More? (2:10)
09. Twist and Red Have a Date (2:26)
10. Red and Losberne’s Date (3:14)
11. Heist at the Auction House (3:24)
12. Sikes Looses Control. (1:30)
13. Nighttime Interrogations (3:55)
14. Bomb Confusion (1:57)
15. The Getaway (2:26)
16. Rooftops Showdown (4:34)
17. Get Back Up (2:23)

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