Twin Falls Idaho Songs List

Twin Falls Idaho
Written by BeeBee
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Twin Falls Idaho Soundtrack list – The film portrays the lives of shy conjoined twins Blake and Francis Falls, who take residence in a rundown hotel to hopefully reunite with their estranged birth mother. They find their gateway to the outside world through an eccentric young prostitute named Penny. They agree to attend a Halloween party with Penny and pretend to be wearing a “Siamese Twins” costume.

The rest of the movie involves the brothers dealing with Francis’s health problems, the changing relationship between the brothers, and Blake’s budding relationship with Penny. Ultimately, Francis’s health deteriorates too far and the twins have to be separated. Francis is too sick to survive and dies, but Blake survives and must begin a life apart from his twin. Penny visits him and the two start a relationship.

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Twin Falls Idaho SoundTrack Songs List

01. Title Theme (Thai Lullaby) (2:46)
02. 1st Appearance (1:23)
03. Make a Wish (1:19)
04. I Wasn’t Stealing (1:22)
05. Penny’s Theme (1:07)
06. Amapola (2:40)
07. Trick or Treat (1:14)
08. Mystery Dub (4:46)
09. Edge Test 1 (4:23)
10. When Did You Leave Heaven (5:59)
11. Sad Endings (2:35)
12. Park (1:40)
13. Let Me In (1:36)
14. It Haunts You (2:11)
15. Receiving Blanket (2:13)
16. Dream Piano (1:38)
17. Ranch (3:37)
18. Train Trax (Sad Endings) Dialogue (3:22)
19. Don’t Grow (9:03)

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