Trois nuits par semaine Songs List

Trois nuits par semaine
Written by BeeBee
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Trois nuits par semaine – The plot takes place in present-day Paris. Baptiste meets by chance Cookie Kunty, a drag queen who, off stage, is a young man of his age, Quentin. Baptiste embarks on a photo project with her and discovers the world of Parisian drag queens . Little by little, he gets closer to Quentin, to the point of questioning his own relationship with his partner Samia.

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Trois nuits par semaine Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. Thème de Baptiste & Cookie 1:14
2. Break Free & Rejoice 3:54
3. Portrait de Cookie 1:32
4. Discoteca Nera 3:22
5. Le gant 1:17
6. Always with You 2:46
7. Portrait de Baptiste 1:19
8. The Spanking 3:09
9. Dans la chambre 1:32
10. High Heels Runway 3:42
11. Sur la route 1:43
12. Des larmes dans la nuit 1:10
13. Thème de Baptiste & Cookie – Générique de fin 4:32
14. The Spanking (Remix) (Bonus Track) 2:49

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