Tomorrow Never Dies Songs List

Tomorrow Never Dies
Written by BeeBee
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Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack list – MI6 sends James Bond into the field to reconnoiter a terrorist arms bazaar on the Russian border. Despite M’s insistence on letting 007 finish his reconnaissance, Royal Navy Admiral Roebuck orders the frigate HMS Chester to fire a Harpoon missile at the bazaar. Bond then discovers two nuclear torpedoes mounted on an L-39 Albatros; with the missile out of range to be aborted, Bond is forced to pilot the L-39 away seconds before the bazaar is destroyed.

Media baron Elliot Carver starts his plans to use an encoder obtained at the bazaar by his associate, cyberterrorist Henry Gupta, to provoke war between China and the UK. Meaconing the GPS signal using the encoder, Gupta sends the frigate HMS Devonshire off-course into Chinese-occupied waters in the South China Sea, where Carver’s stealth ship, commanded by Mr. Stamper, ambushes and sinks it with a “sea drill” torpedo. Carver’s henchmen steal one of the Devonshire’s missiles and shoot down a Chinese MiG fighter jet investigating the scene. The henchmen kill the Devonshire’s survivors with weaponry loaded with Chinese ammunition. The British Minister of Defence orders Roebuck to deploy the fleet to investigate the sinking of the frigate, and demands retaliation, leaving M only 48 hours to investigate its sinking and avert a war.

M sends Bond to investigate Carver and his company, CMGN, after he released news articles about the crisis hours before MI6 had learned of it. Bond travels to Hamburg to seduce Carver’s wife, Paris (an ex-girlfriend of Bond’s), to get information that would help him enter CMGN headquarters. He defeats three of Stamper’s men and cuts Carver off the air during the inaugural broadcast of his satellite network. Carver discovers the truth about Paris and Bond and orders both of them killed. Bond and Paris reconcile at Bond’s hotel room, and she provides him with information to infiltrate Carver’s newspaper factory. Bond steals the GPS encoder from Gupta’s office at the factory; meanwhile, Carver’s assassin Dr. Kaufman kills Paris. After Bond returns to find Paris’s body, Kaufman attempts to shoot him. Bond is able to kill Kaufman and escape his henchmen through a multistory car park in his Q-branch vehicle, a BMW 750iL with remote control.

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Tomorrow Never Dies SoundTrack Songs List

1. SCORE PRESENTATION: White Knight† 8:28
2. Backseat Pilot*† 1:41
3. Tomorrow Never Dies (Sheryl Crow) 4:50
4. The Sinking Of The Devonshire (Extended Version)** 7:22
5. MI6*† / Launch The Fleet*† 1:34
6. Company Car (Extended Version)**† 3:35
7. You Have A Phone Call, Mr. Bond* 1:02
8. Station Break 3:29
9. Carver And Paris* 1:06
10. Paris And Bond (Film Version)** 1:56
11. The Last Goodbye 1:34
12. Hamburg Break In 2:52
13. Hamburg Break Out 1:24
14. Printing Press Fight* 1:22
15. Escape To Hotel*† 2:28
16. Doctor Kaufman 2:27
17. *-3-Send 1:15
18. Backseat Driver (Film Version)**† 4:35
19. Okinawa* / HALO Jump* 2:25
20. Underwater Discovery 3:37
21. Vietnam 1:36
22. Banner Escape* 1:10
23. Bike Chase† 6:43
24. Bike Shop Fight (Film Version)** 2:32

Disc 2: Tomorrow Never Dies – 25th Anniversary Edition
1. Ha Long Bay 2:32
2. Boarding The Stealth† 4:57
3. Grenade* 1:39
4. A Tricky Spot For 007** 3:49
5. Stealth Shoot Out*† 3:33
6. Carver Gets It*† 2:53
7. All In A Day’s Work† 5:08
8. Surrender (k.d. lang) 3:56
9. ADDITIONAL MUSIC: White Knight (Original Version)**† 8:37
10. Backseat Pilot (Original Version)*† 2:20
11. The Sinking Of The Devonshire (Original Version)** 5:37
12. Company Car† 3:06
13. Shaken But Not Stirred (Simon Greenaway / Sacha Collisson)* 3:27
14. It Had To Be You (Simon Greenaway)* 2:03
15. Adrift (Simon Greenaway / Sacha Collisson)* 3:58
16. Paris And Bond 1:56
17. The Last Goodbye (Alternate Version)* 1:30
18. Printing Press Fight (Film Opening)* 1:10
19. Backseat Driver† 4:35
20. Banner Escape (Film Mix)* 1:10
21. Bike Shop Fight 2:42
22. Surrender (Alternate Version) (k.d. lang)** 3:53

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