Tokyo Fist Songs List

Tokyo Fist
Written by BeeBee
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Tokyo Fist Soundtrack list – The film tells the story of a Japanese door-to-door insurance salesman, Tsuda Yoshiharu, who takes up boxing after a chance meeting with a former high school friend, Kojima Yakuji. Tsuda is shown to be under immense stress due to having to support both himself and his fiancée, Hizuru, who quit her job after they became engaged. One day, Hizuru invites Kojima into Tsuda’s apartment. Kojima comes onto Hizuru, who rejects him. Still, Tsuda finds out and becomes enraged at Kojima, but Kojima beats Tsuda badly and humiliates him in front of Hizuru. Hizuru is intrigued by the animalistic Kojima, and, after a confrontation in a restaurant with Tsuda, breaks up with him and moves in with Kojima. She also starts to pierce herself and get tattoos. She wants to box, but is denied that life by the surprisingly cowardly Kojima, who says she is a scary freak of a woman.

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Tokyo Fist SoundTrack Songs List

1. Knock Off (4:05)
2. Gryphis Glaucus (10:12)
3. Going Down For… (4:17)
4. Move On (2:06)
5. Over Crowd (5:58)
6. Half Truth (4:38)
7. Selene (6:55)
8. Untitled (Bonus Track) (3:46)

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