Tierra Incógnita Songs List

Tierra Incógnita
Written by BeeBee
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Tierra Incógnita – Eight years ago, Eric Dalaras’ parents mysteriously disappeared without a trace. The teenager is determined to solve his parents’ disappearance and enters a scary world. After their parents disappear, Eric and his sister Uma grow up with their maternal grandparents. Eric decides to leave there to search for answers in the town of Cabo Qwert, where he lived as a child. For there is also the abandoned amusement park Tierra Incógnita, where his parents were last stratified. With the help of his friends, his sister and his aunt, Eric must overcome his fears to solve the riddle that leads to the answer to the question that most concerns him. But the truth lies hidden in a cosmos as dark as it is unexplored.

EPISODE 1 Eric receives a video message; ghost hunters exploring Tierra Incognita amusement park see a ghostly hand create a circle on their frosty windshield. Eric runs away from his grandparents under the guise of a school camping trip, instead he returns to Cape Qwert hoping to solve the mystery of what happened to his parents. Meanwhile, his Aunt in Cape Qwert shows tourists ancient cave drawings by the beach. However, the tourists want to go to the haunted amusement park instead of looking at the cave drawings, entry into the amusement park is forbidden. Eric returning to Cape Qwert, meets up with his childhood friend and they start to explore the amusement park, Tierra Incognita. Eric’s friend, Pablo explains to Eric the night of the lights when his parents disappeared. Despite Pablo’s warning, Eric rushes to the Labyrinth ride where the ghost hunters explored in their video post. Once inside, Eric sees a statue like version of his mother however Pablo rushes through the exit of the ride to pull Eric from the hallucination. Once outside Pablo explains it is only safe to enter thru the exit of rides and that it was not Eric’s mother but the park playing tricks.

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Tierra Incógnita Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. Olivia Foscaldi – Espanto (0:40)
2. Anahí García Cascabelo – Radio 50s (2:01)
3. Florencia Mosso – Voltán (1:19)
4. Circle Spins in my Mind (0:58)
5. Loishka, Guilherme Lessa – Laberinto hombre sin rostro (1:24)
6. Rompecabezas (1:06)
7. Objetos reveladores (1:00)
8. Casa Carmen (0:50)
9. Tierra Incógnita (0:49)
10. Uma & Carmen (0:56)
11. Parque Auténtico (1:48)
12. Puzzle Bitácora (3:47)
13. Cementerio (1:05)
14. Noche de las Luces (1:24)
15. Créditos Finales (3:54)

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