Thunder Alley Songs List

Thunder Alley
Written by BeeBee
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Thunder Alley Soundtrack list – A race car driver, Tommy Callahan, retires after a blackout causes the death of another driver on the motorway. After the accident, he begins working at a Pete Madsen’s “Thrill Circus” as a stunt driver. There he meets the proprietor’s daughter, Francie, who also drives there, and her boyfriend Eddie Sands.

Bored by his new job, Tommy begins training Eddie to be a professional. Eddie picks it up quickly, winning his first race. This leads to Tommy’s gold-digging ex-girlfriend Annie Blaine scheming to steal the hot young driver away from Francie.

Despite their quarreling, plus Francie’s concern over his previous blackouts, she and Tommy are paired up during a 500-mile race. On the track, Tommy feels another blackout coming on, but manages to hang on. He comes to realize that the fainting spells are a psychological reaction to a childhood trauma.

Francie goads ex-fiance Eddie into reckless maneuvers on the track, causing him to crash. Tommy wins the race, and her as well.

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Thunder Alley SoundTrack Songs List

1. Band Without A Name – Theme From Thunder Alley (2:03)
2. Eddie Beram – Riot In Thunder Alley (2:09)
3. Annette Funicello – What’s A Girl To Do (2:49)
4. The Sidewalk Sounds – Pete’s Orgy (2:35)
5. The Sidewalk Sounds – Mud Fight (1:04)
6. Band Without A Name – Time After Time (I Keep Lovin’ You) (1:57)
7. Loraine Singers – Calahan’s Theme (2:15)
8. The Sidewalk Sounds – Calahan’s March (2:29)
9. Annette Funicello – When You Get What You Want (2:53)
10. The Sidewalk Sounds – Calahan’s Vision (0:18)
11. The Sidewalk Sounds – Annie’s Theme (2:07)
12. The Sidewalk Sounds – Theme From Thunder Alley (Instrumental) (1:46)

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