Three O’Clock High Songs List

Three O’Clock High
Written by BeeBee
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Three O’Clock High Soundtrack list – Preppy high school reporter Jerry Mitchell (Casey Siemaszko) is asked to write a story on a tough new kid named Buddy Revell (Richard Tyson), a boy rumored to have a violent past. Jerry tries to call off the story, but in the process he infuriates Buddy, who challenges him to a parking lot brawl immediately after school that same day. As Jerry desperately attempts to escape the impending fight, he instead ends up finding the courage to stand up to Buddy.

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Three O’Clock High SoundTrack Songs List

01. It’s Jerry’s Day Today (0:45)
02. 46‐32‐15 (0:48)
03. No Detention (1:05)
04. Any School Bully Will Do (0:34)
05. Go to the Head of the Class (3:13)
06. Sit (0:48)
07. The Fight (2:37)
08. Jerry’s Decision (4:29)
09. The Fight Is On (4:43)
10. Paper (1:29)
11. Big Bright Brass Knuckles (1:20)
12. Buying Paper Like It’s Going Out of Style (1:39)
13. Dangerous Trend (0:55)
14. Who’s Chasing Who (1:00)
15. Bonding by Candlelight (1:36)
16. You’ll Never Believe It (2:20)
17. Starting the Day Off Right (1:17)
18. Weak at the Knees (2:35)
19. Kill Him (The Football Dummy) (1:05)
20. Not So Quiet in the Library / Get Lost in a Crowd (1:37)
21. Something to Remember Me By (4:14)
22. Arrival (2:11)

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