Three Busy Debras Songs List

Three Busy Debras
Written by BeeBee
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Three Busy Debras – Set in the fictional town of Lemoncurd, one of those posh Connecticut suburbs where it still looks like the ’50s and every stately home sits atop acres of manicured, meticulously hydrated lawn. Following a trio of housewives who are all named Debra and wear stark white. It’s the kind of show where a pool boy vacantly tends to a driveway with a pool net, where the neighborhood’s mailman is an iguana, and where the police station looks like the waiting room for the kind of doctor who refuses to accept insurance.

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Three Busy Debras Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. Je m’appelle the Mall (feat. Mitra Jouhari) (0:39)
2. Forest Song (feat. Alyssa Stonoha & Mitra Jouhari) (0:36)
3. Bitch Parade (feat. Carol Swarbrick) (1:29)
4. Short Order Debras (1:40)
5. Meet Dooga (0:56)
6. Radiation Rhonda (0:41)
7. Debrance in F Minor (1:23)
8. Armadebbron (0:37)

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