Thief of Hearts Songs List

Thief of Hearts
Written by BeeBee
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Thief of Hearts Soundtrack list – A burglar, Scott Muller (Steven Bauer), teams up with his buddy Buddy Calamara (David Caruso), a valet at a high-society restaurant. Buddy keeps an eye on Mickey and Ray Davis, a rich married couple, while Scott robs their home.

One night, one of the items Scott takes is a diary belonging to the wife (Barbara Williams). Scott reads the diary and discovers that the wife, Mickey, an interior designer, yearns for a more interesting life. He quickly becomes infatuated with her. The diary is full of her fantasies and dreams, so Scott plans to turn these into reality.

Mickey’s husband, children’s book author Ray Davis (John Getz), gets too involved in his work and neglects his wife’s needs. Scott uses his inside knowledge to seduce her, using the pretext of needing someone to re-design his apartment, and posing as a school supply company CEO. The forbidden romance soon blossoms into a passionate sexual relationship, as Ray becomes suspicious.

During another robbery, Buddy kills a policeman who spotted them. Scott becomes more and more tense when Mickey starts asking questions about him and his past. Ray decides to follow Scott with his friend and publisher Marty Morrison (George Wendt). They snoop around the building used by the robbers and find out Scott is the thief who stole his belongings.

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Thief of Hearts SoundTrack Songs List

1. Stolen Secrets (film version)* 5:22
2. Robbery Discovered / You’re a Bad Girl* 1:42
3. Second Journal – Food 1:21
4. Watching You 1:14
5. The Bath 2:07
6. First Meeting – Eyes (unused) 1:04
7. First Meeting – Fingers / I’ll Get That 0:49
8. Second Robbery 1:06
9. Marina / Oil 2:10
10. Gun 0:49
11. Seductions 3:05
12. Third Robbery / What Am I Doing Here? 4:01
13. Second Sailing 1:09
14. Ray Chases Scott 2:03
15. Rooftops / Motorcycle 4:19
16. Office Fight* 2:49
17. He’s Gone / Final Confrontation 6:35
18. BONUS TRACKS: The Bath (early version) 2:17
19. What Am I Doing Here? (extended early version) 3:33
20. Ray Chases Scott (early version) 2:06
21. Romantic Theme I (demo) 3:06
22. Romantic Theme II (early demo) 3:04
23. Chase (demo) 2:49
24. Romantic Theme II (demo) 3:08
Disc Time: 61:48

Disc 2: Original 1984 Soundtrack
1. Thief of Hearts (Melissa Manchester) 3:41
2. Love in the Shadows (E.G. Daily) 4:20
3. Stolen Secrets 4:57
4. Tear Me Up (Darwun Hastings) 3:40
5. Love Theme From “Thief of Hearts” (instrumental) 3:14
6. Just Imagine (Way Beyond Fear) (Beth Anderson and Joe “Bean” Esposito) 4:08
7. Passion Play (Annabella Lwin) 4:17
8. Thief of Hearts (instrumental) 3:03
9. (instrumental) 3:54
10. Final Confrontation (instrumental) 2:54
11. BONUS TRACKS: Love in the Shadows (Single Version) (E.G. Daily) 3:57
12. Thief of Hearts (Dance Mix) (Melissa Manchester) 6:14
13. Love in the Shadows (Special Remix) (E.G. Daily) 8:40
14. Just Imagine (Way Beyond Fear) (instrumental) 4:35
15. Love in the Shadows (instrumental) 4:32

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