The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Songs List

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf
Written by BeeBee
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The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Soundtrack list – In 1165,[7] the witcher Vesemir saves a noble child from a leshen in a forest in Kaedwen. Before dying, the creature says something in an archaic elven dialect to Vesemir, leading him to think it was under someone’s control. Vesemir is visited by the elf Filavandrel, who thinks the leshen was controlled by Kitsu, one of many elven girls who have gone missing. Meanwhile sorceress Tetra Gilcrest tries to convince the Kaedwani king to wipe out the witchers, but Lady Zerbst, another courtier, is sympathetic to the witchers and speaks in their favor.

Vesemir reminisces about his youth when he, along with his best friend Illyana, were servants for a noble whose mistress was saved from a mahr by a witcher named Deglan with Vesemir’s help. Enticed by promises of coin and riches, Vesemir traveled to Kaer Morhen and underwent the training and mutations to become a witcher.

In the present day, Vesemir and another fellow witcher, Luka, are arrested for killing two knights in a bar fight. Lady Zerbst persuades the king to send Vesemir along with Tetra to rid the forest of Kitsu. She personally delivers the mission order to Vesemir who recognizes her as the now 70-year old Illyana. Vesemir and Tetra set out and she tells him the story of a young sorceress wrongfully killed by a witcher as part of a con, and that she is convinced that all witchers are corrupted. They find Kitsu, mutated and now able to cast powerful illusions, and fight her basilisk. They kill the monster, but Kitsu escapes.

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The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf SoundTrack Songs List

01. There’ll Always Be Another Monster (2:45)
02. Tetra’s Wrath (3:07)
03. Monstrum’s Lullaby (1:43)
04. March of the Monsters (1:34)
05. The Red Swamp (3:10)
06. Goodbye Illyana (3:25)
07. Exorcism (1:39)
08. Vesemir’s Trial (2:27)
09. A Witcher (3:57)
10. Ruins of a Past Age (3:48)
11. Battle for the Bridge (2:42)
12. Strength in Unity (2:32)
13. An Unraveling Lie (1:03)
14. Kitsu’s Illusion (3:45)
15. A Life of Coin (2:37)
16. Jesting Around (1:47)
17. The Long Road Ahead (2:11)
18. Illyana’s Theme (3:15)
19. Enter the Bestiary (2:50)
20. It’s Just an Illusion (3:28)
21. Sugo’s Lamentation (1:01)
22. Foul Sorcery (1:23)
23. Cautionary Tale (1:18)
24. A Stranger (1:26)
25. A Fate’s Hesitation (2:01)
26. A Lucrative Business (1:41)
27. Deglan’s Deception (2:18)
28. I Choose My Own Fate (1:50)
29. Last Stand (2:15)
30. End of an Age (3:52)

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