The Willoughbys Songs List

The Willoughbys
Written by BeeBee
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The Willoughbys Soundtrack list – A cat narrates the story of the Willoughby siblings: Tim, Jane, and twins both named Barnaby. The Willoughby family legacy has an accomplished history, but the children’s parents only care about each other. They despise all children and deprive the siblings of love, food, and music. Tim longs for his family’s past glory and unity.

Jane discovers an orphaned baby on the family’s doorstep. She brings the baby inside despite Tim’s warnings, and the baby wreaks havoc. The Willoughby parents throw their children out of the house, forbidding them to return unless they get rid of the baby. The children follow a rainbow to the doorstep of Commander Melanoff’s candy factory, and believing it to be a suitable home, name the baby “Ruth” and leave her there. On their way home, the siblings hatch a plan to improve their lives by getting rid of their parents. The siblings put together a vacation brochure full of deadly destinations that could potentially kill their parents.

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The Willoughbys SoundTrack Songs List

1. The Willoughbys (1:37)
2. Main Title (1:16)
3. The Willoughby Boogie (1:06)
4. Stealing Food (2:43)
5. It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (2:20)
6. The Willoughby Boogie Reprise (0:55)
7. Here Beastie Beastie (1:28)
8. Melanoff’s Magnificent Mustache (2:36)
9. Brochure Montage (1:33)
10. The Warmest Glove/Parents Depart (2:08)
11. We Are Orphans (0:53)
12. Nanny’s Arrival (2:06)
13. Man Of The House (0:48)
14. You Disrespect My Oats (1:29)
15. Melanoff’s Factory (2:15)
16. I Want Her To Stay (2:36)
17. Parents Are Still Alive (1:28)
18. We Unite As Willoughbys (2:13)
19. The Perfect Family (1:26)
20. Willoughby Beast (1:39)
21. I’m Bustin You Out (4:01)
22. Escape (1:45)
23. Chase/Rainbow Zeppelin (4:57)
24. Follow The Yarn (3:04)
25. Defrosting The Parents/We’re All Going to Freeze (3:22)
26. The New Family (2:40)
27. Meat Mustache/Shark (1:23)

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