The Wedding Guest Songs List

The Wedding Guest
Written by BeeBee
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The Wedding Guest Soundtrack list – Jay, a young British man, packs a stash of passports and arrives in Pakistan, travelling to Younganabad. Despite only speaking English, he carries out a careful plan by switching rental cars and buying equipment, including duct tape and two handguns. Scouting out a home where a wedding party are staying, he sneaks inside that night and kidnaps the bride, Samira, at gunpoint. Jay shoots dead an armed guard who attempts to intervene. He flees with Samira in the trunk of his car, disposing of the incriminating gun.

Jay offers Samira a choice: to return to her family and her arranged marriage, or continue on to Lahore and rejoin her boyfriend Deepesh, who hired Jay to rescue her for £15,000. Unwilling to be married, Samira chooses the latter. They drive to Amritsar, where Deepesh fails to meet them as planned. Jay purchases phones and SIM cards and manages to reach Deepesh, who says that he will instead be in India the following day.

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The Wedding Guest SoundTrack Songs List

1. Journey to the North (4:31)
2. Still Traveling (3:14)
3. Samira Arrives (2:09)
4. Kidnapping (5:21)
5. Onwards to Delhi (5:17)
6. Why Jaipur? (1:38)
7. Deepesh Gets Scared (4:22)
8. Bed Snuggle (1:58)
9. Killing Deepesh (3:11)
10. The Pool (4:45)
11. Bus to Goa (2:05)
12. What’s Your Real Name? (4:22)
13. Parting (2:30)
14. Thanks for the Five Thousand (5:37)

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