The Utilizer Songs List

The Utilizer
Written by BeeBee
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The Utilizer Soundtrack list – The Utilizer–a machine that grants wishes, travels from the future to land in Collins’ seedy apartment. His lucky break fulfills his greed-fueled vision of grandiose wealth and power. But someone is after the Utilizer, and for a very good reason.

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The Utilizer SoundTrack Songs List

01. The Utilizer (4:01)
02. Getting A Wish (3:37)
03. Land For Sale (0:30)
04. New Mansion (1:57)
05. Classical Music (2:17)
06. Collins (4:03)
07. The Utilizer Shrinks (4:53)
08. Vacation (1:22)
09. Future City (3:08)
10. Quarry (1:07)
11. End Credits (0:41)

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