The Time Traveler’s Wife Songs List

The Time Traveler’s Wife
Written by BeeBee
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The Time Traveler’s Wife – In the early 1970s, Henry DeTamble is in a car accident that kills his mother, Annette DeTamble, but which he survives by inadvertently time traveling back two weeks. Moments later, Henry is helped by an older version of himself who has also traveled back. Unable to control the timing or destinations of his traveling, Henry finds himself drawn to significant people, places, and events in his life but is incapable of changing events beyond the minor differences his presence creates.

In 1991, Henry meets Clare Abshire in the library where he works. She is overjoyed to see him although he is meeting her for the first time. Clare explains that she met Henry’s future self when she was a child, and that he informed her then that they would meet in the future, which is happening now. As a child, Clare develops a crush on Henry, and she is upset to learn that he is married. When Clare turns 18, two years before their meeting at the library, the older Henry kisses her, leading her to realize that he is her husband in the future. They begin a relationship, which is challenged by Henry’s disorder.

His sporadic time traveling is further complicated by the fact that he arrives at his destinations completely naked. From an early age, he had learned how to pick locks and to steal clothing to endure his travels. Among his getaways are many visits to young Clare. From present-day Clare’s diary, he gets a list of dates when he visited her and gives those to young Clare so that she can be waiting for him with clothes. Clare eventually marries Henry. Henry time travels away before the ceremony and a visibly older version of himself arrives in time to step in.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. Super/Natural Main Title (0:37)
2. Lar Gibbons (4:37)
3. Mobula Rays (3:08)
4. Spiders and Mosquitos (4:28)
5. Flying Squirrel (3:41)
6. Elephant Seals (3:43)
7. Harlequin Shrimp (3:51)
8. Elephants (4:30)
9. Butterfly (5:35)
10. Octopus (3:32)
11. Peregrine (4:41)
12. Orca Hunt (5:03)
13. Giant Amazon River Turtle (4:43)
14. Meerkats (5:42)

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