The Starling Songs List

The Starling
Written by BeeBee
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The Starling Songs Soundtrack list – A married couple, the Maynards, suffer after the death of their baby daughter from SIDS. The husband, Jack (Chris O’Dowd), is in a residential mental hospital while his wife Lilly (Melissa McCarthy) remains at home, dealing with her own feelings alone.

Lilly is trying to hold it together for Jack’s return from the facility. Employed at a grocery store, she works to maintain her family’s property. As if Lilly’s troubles weren’t bad enough, a starling whose nest is in a tree in her backyard begins to harass and attack her and she becomes obsessed with stopping it. She’s also driving two hours every week to see Jack, wondering if he really wants to come home, and what life would be like if he did.

Prioritizing Jack’s grief without managing her own, a counselor at Jack’s hospital suggests Lilly see someone for her own mental health before he returns home. This leads her to the office of Larry Fine (Kevin Kline), a quirky psychiatrist-turned-veterinarian. They form a unique and unlikely bond as they help each other acknowledge and confront their problems. He helps her with the starling whilst embedding ways to help her grief into the conversations. Lilly starts to become attached to the bird and when she accidentally hits it with a stone and nearly kills it she turns to Larry to help her revive the bird.

When the bird recovers, Lilly lets it go. She and the bird start to tolerate each other instead of abusing one another.

Jack returns home and they reconcile and work on their relationship, facing the world together. The film ends with them gardening watched by the starling that is still spending time in their garden.

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The Starling SoundTrack Songs List

01. The Starling (1:38)
02. Sternus Vulgaris (1:27)
03. Lily (2:30)
04. Gardening (2:21)
05. Talk to Him (2:19)
06. I Can’t Be Who I Was (2:02)
07. We Turn On Ourselves (1:36)
08. Damaged Garden (2:55)
09. Circus (2:12)
10. Reflection (2:23)
11. Together (2:28)
12. Starling Down (2:02)
13. Say It Every Day (1:59)
14. Fly Free (3:03)
15. I Made You Something (2:09)
16. Find Another Reason Why (The Starling Version) (3:07)
17. Simple Sound of Morning (2:14)

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