The Rocky Story Songs List

The Rocky Story
Written by BeeBee
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The Rocky Story Soundtrack list – Creed selects Rocky Balboa, an Italian journeyman southpaw boxer who fights primarily in small gyms and works as a collector for a loan shark. Rocky meets with promoter George Jergens assuming that Creed is seeking local sparring partners. Reluctant at first, Rocky eventually agrees to the fight which will pay him $150,000. Rocky undergoes several weeks of unorthodox training, such as using sides of beef as punching bags.

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The Rocky Story SoundTrack Songs List

01. Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (3:47)
02. Survivor – Burning Heart (3:52)
03. James Brown – Living In America (4:42)
04. Robert Tepper – No Easy Way Out (4:20)
05. John Cafferty – Hearts On Fire (4:06)
06. The Rocky Orchestra – Gonna Fly Now (4:50)
07. Vince DiCola – War (5:57)
08. Vince DiCola – Training Montage (3:39)
09. The Rocky Orchestra – Gonna Fly Now Instrumental (3:53)

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