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Written by Cherry
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The Rising-The supernatural crime series, `The Rising’, is an adaptation of the Belgian thriller `Hotel Beau Sejour’ and is the first series entirely produced by Sky Studios. Starring Cara Ruggard as Neve Kelly, the story follows a recently deceased young woman who exists in a kind of purgatory, who finds out her cause of death was murder. In this liminal space, Kelly takes advantage of her newfound supernatural abilities to investigate her demise. In the process, she must re-examine what she thought she knew about her life.

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The Rising Free Songs List Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2022
Country: UK
Audio codec: MP3/FLAC
Quality: 320kbs/lossless
Playtime: 49:15

1. Heart Rides on (feat. Eli & Fur) (3:33)
2. Glitch Flashback on Motorbike (0:20)
3. I’m Having a Breakdown (2:34)
4. I’m Here, Come Find Me (1:50)
5. Neve’s Body Bag (2:05)
6. Find Way Back Recap (1:49)
7. There’s Something in the Water (2:14)
8. The Search (1:32)
9. Let’s Open Her Up (0:39)
10. Neve in the Mirror (0:37)
11. Don’t Want to Have an Accident (1:26)
12. About Neve (1:58)
13. Arrest in the Pines (0:47)
14. Now’s Not the Time (1:28)
15. I Heard it Too (2:20)
16. Traces of Blood (0:56)
17. Flashback Sparkle (0:24)
18. Neve Runs in Woods (1:48)
19. We’re Not Doing This Here (1:53)
20. What’s That? (2:59)
21. Made You Burn It (1:29)
22. Creeper End Credits (0:46)
23. Neve Tells her Dad (1:42)
24. Neve Come Back (1:13)
25. Is This Your Daughter? (2:39)
26. Neve Theme (1:43)
27. You Don’t Know How To Love (2:39)
28. Time is Like Water (4:05)

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