The Ring 2 Songs List

The Ring Two
Written by BeeBee
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The Ring 2 Soundtrack list – Six months after the events of the first film and immediately following the events of the short film Rings, Samara Morgan’s cursed videotape has been circulating among teenagers in Astoria, Oregon. Jake Pierce is on his seventh day as per the tape’s rules, and asks his friend, Emily, to watch the tape. He briefly steps into his kitchen, while Emily supposedly watches the tape. Jake receives a phone call, and initially thinks it is Samara, but is relieved to realize it is only his friend, with whom he had planned to trick Emily into watching the tape. Suddenly, Jake notices dark liquid pouring from under the kitchen door, and runs outside to the living room, only to discover Emily got scared, and closed her eyes while watching the tape. Jake is then promptly murdered by Samara.

Rachel and Aidan have moved to Astoria from Seattle after sending the tape off into the ether. Rachel works at The Daily Astorian for the editor, Max Rourke. Rachel learns of Jake’s death, inspecting his body, only for Samara to appear, declaring that she has been looking for her. Rachel breaks into Jake’s house, obtains the videotape, and burns it. Aidan experiences a nightmare, where Samara drags him into a television. He soon starts developing hypothermia and bruises on his arms. At a county fair, Aidan wanders into a restroom, and takes photographs of his reflection, where Samara appears. Rachel takes him home, but they are attacked by multiple wild deer on the way, wrecking the car. After the stampede, Rachel returns home with Aiden, and worries about his health. It is during this time that Rachel realizes that Aidan may be possessed by Samara.

TILL Songs List

The Ring 2 SoundTrack Songs List

1. Introduction (1:53)
2. Jake & Emily (3:05)
3. Jake’s Demise (1:42)
4. Rachel & Aidan Driving (1:01)
5. Starting Over (0:55)
6. Crime Scene (3:02)
7. Going Back For The Tape (4:22)
8. Samara Finds Aidan (1:32)
9. I’ll Follow Your Voice (0:55)
10. Aidan’s Possession Begins (0:58)
11. Going To The Flea Market (1:15)
12. The Bathroom (3:33)
13. Deer Attack (3:49)
14. Dead Fish (0:23)
15. The Burning Tree Appears (2:31)
16. She Can Hear Us (1:12)
17. Max’s Bathroom (3:49)
18. Aidan Or Samara (0:28)
19. Max Is Suspicious Of Rachel (0:48)
20. What Do You See (2:32)
21. Department Of Adoption (0:50)
22. Return To Morgan Ranch (0:48)
23. The Basement (3:43)
24. Doctor Temple’s Death (2:25)
25. Aidan Leaves The Hospital (0:45)
26. Flashback (1:32)
27. Aidan Walks Home (1:32)
28. Be A Good Mother (0:57)
29. Max Takes Aidan’s Photo (0:28)
30. Max Is Found Dead (0:44)
31. Kill Me (0:45)
32. Drug Sandwich (2:26)
33. Rachel Drowns Aidan (3:04)
34. Samara Exorcised (0:28)
35. Post Drowning (1:18)
36. Take Me (1:41)
37. The Well (3:13)
38. Following Aidan’s Voice (2:03)
39. Ending (1:51)
40. End Credits (6:18)

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