The Return of Swamp Thing Songs List

The Return of Swamp Thing
Written by BeeBee
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The Return of Swamp Thing Soundtrack list – After her mother’s mysterious death, Abigail Arcane travels to the Florida swamps to confront her evil stepfather Dr. Anton Arcane, who had been resurrected after his death in the first film. In an attempt to stave off the effects of aging, Dr. Arcane, assisted by Dr. Lana Zurrell, combines genes from various swamp animals and human beings, creating an army of monsters known as Un-Men. Dr. Arcane tries to use his stepdaughter Abby in his genetic experiments until she is rescued by Swamp Thing, a scientist previously transformed into a bog creature after a confrontation with the evil doctor.

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The Return of Swamp Thing SoundTrack Songs List

01. Once Upon A Time In The Swamp (1:10)
02. The Search (1:44)
03. Arcane’s Theme (1:11)
04. Father And Daughter (2:16)
05. Dirty Duo (0:58)
06. Diamond Cut – Wrong Answer (2:00)
07. Love In The Swamp (3:23)
08. Swampy Saves The Kids (2:28)
09. Rescue Abby (1:24)
10. Abby (1:26)
11. Down Memory Lane (1:43)
12. Arcane’s Taccata (1:06)
13. It’s Too Easy (1:19)
14. A Piece Of Thing (1:44)
15. Love Theme (2:43)
16. Boys Will Be Boys (0:48)
17. Out Of The Tub (1:09)
18. Take The Keys And Run (1:27)
19. The Scary Swamp (1:42)
20. That Hurts (0:43)
21. Knock Knock (1:12)
22. The Machine (1:31)
23. Requiem (1:45)
24. To Sunrise (1:43)
25. Together Forever (0:54)
26. End Titles (1:13)
27. The Return Of Swamp Thing (Pre-Score Suite) (22:42)
28. The Glory Of Swamp Thing (Unused) (0:51)

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