The Recruit Songs List

The Recruit
Written by BeeBee
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The Recruit – Fledgling lawyer Owen Hendricks, who has just started working for the CIA, has his life turned upside down when he encounters an asset who demands exoneration from the agency. Once she tries to expose her long-term relationship with the agency, he becomes entangled in convoluted international politics. As Hendricks negotiates with the asset, he finds himself at odds with menacing individuals and groups, risking his life as he tries to fulfill his duties.

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The Recruit Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. Main Title (0:26)
2. You Don’t Even Know What You Do (2:18)
3. Wheels Up (1:40)
4. Cat and Mouse (1:26)
5. Scramble Protocol (1:17)
6. Vienna Clusterfuck (1:26)
7. Gilbane (1:07)
8. Choke Out (1:12)
9. Confronting Smoot (1:04)
10. Max Maneuvers (1:09)
11. Owen Sent In (2:02)
12. Middle Finger (1:20)
13. Bedside Manner (1:40)
14. Everything’s Coming Up Owen (1:19)
15. I’m In (1:29)

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