The Man from Toronto Songs List

The Man from Toronto
Written by BeeBee
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The Man from Toronto Soundtrack list – Teddy (Hart) is a failed internet athletic instructor attempting to sell his idea of non-contact boxing to local gym owner Marty (Roach), but Marty rejects the idea on the basis that it’s nonsensical and Teddy’s failure to do something as simple as design a marketing brochure proves he’s incompetent. Wanting to do something for his wife Lori’s (Mathews) birthday, he takes her away to a day spa where he has arranged for a luxurious two hour pampering session. Meanwhile, Teddy goes off to a secluded cabin to prepare for the rest of her surprise.

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The Man from Toronto SoundTrack Songs List

01. Man from Toronto (6:50)
02. Non Contact Boxing (1:57)
03. You Are Late (2:45)
04. Assassin Montage (1:31)
05. Teddy That (1:01)
06. Man from Miami (1:08)
07. Atruim Fight (2:54)
08. Minnesota (1:49)
09. Never Ever Lever (1:39)
10. Can’t Say It’s Been Good (0:50)
11. I’m the Man from Toronto (2:42)
12. The Handler (2:42)
13. Cheese Puffs (1:31)
14. Durian Sorbet (3:11)
15. The Plan (2:13)
16. You Came Back To Me (2:34)
17. Where Is My Money (2:59)
18. Debora (0:41)

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