The Last Summer Songs List

The Last Summer
Written by BeeBee
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The Last Summer Soundtrack list – An interconnected group of recent high school grads navigates through personal issues while enjoying their “last summer” before moving on to college. Griffin Hourigan, a prep school grad, is preparing to enter Columbia University, thanks to nepotism (his father), despite wanting to attend Berklee College of Music. At a party, he reencounters Phoebe Fisher, a childhood friend he has always had a crush on. Learning that she is making a documentary, he volunteers to help.

He asks her out, but she initially declines, explaining she must spend the summer focusing on making her film. They view a clip from the documentary where a couple plan for a long-distance relationship, and both predict it won’t last. He helps her mix the audio, becoming closer, and soon begin dating.

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The Last Summer SoundTrack Songs List

1. The Shadowboxers – Last Summer (3:25)
2. Lila Drew – Numb (3:13)
3. Jacob Latimore – That Girl (2:24)
4. Jacob Latimore – Don’t Forget You’re Awesome (1:17)
5. Gold Brother – Part of Me (3:23)
6. Ryan Miller – Do You Need Anything Else (1:34)
7. Jack August – Nine (2:19)
8. Ryan Miller – I Pass (1:13)
9. Ryan Miller – Peep That (2:36)
10. Bastian; Indi – We Found Paradise (3:08)
11. PVMNTS – Hit the Ground (3:29)
12. Ryan Miller – Personal Bubble (1:31)
13. Ryan Miller – Showdown (0:54)
14. Mainland – Outcast (3:50)
15. Extreme Music – It’s Feeling Good (3:22)
16. Ryan Miller – That Person (1:34)

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