The Last Starfighter Songs List

The Last Starfighter
Written by BeeBee
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The Last Starfighter Soundtrack list – Alex Rogan is a teenager living in a trailer park with his mother and younger brother, Louis. After being rejected for a scholarship, Alex becomes angry at his go-nowhere existence. The only entertainment in the trailer park comes from an arcade game called “Starfighter”, in which the player defends “the Frontier” against Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada in a space battle. After Alex becomes the game’s highest-scoring player, he is approached by the game’s inventor, Centauri, who invites him to take a ride in his fancy car as a prize for winning the game. Centauri is actually an alien and his car a spacecraft; Alex is essentially abducted, and Beta, a doppelganger android, is used to cover Alex’s absence.

Alex learns that the Starfighter arcade game represents a real-life conflict between the Rylan Star League and the Ko-Dan Empire; the latter is led by Xur, a native Rylan traitor and son of Ambassador Enduran, the Starfighter commander, to whom the Ko-Dan Emperor has promised control of Rylos. Starfighter is, in fact, an elaborate recruiting tool, designed as a test to find those “with the gift” (Centauri is actually criticized in one scene for placing the game on Earth, as humans were not considered capable of becoming Starfighters). Alex, expected to be the gunner for a Starfighter spacecraft called the Gunstar, is partnered with a reptilian pilot named Grig. He also learns that the Frontier is a forcefield protecting Rylos and its surrounding planets from invasion; Xur has given the Ko-Dan the means to breach it.

Alien Songs List

The Last Starfighter SoundTrack Songs List

01. Main Title (2:36)
02. Alex Dreams (1:48)
03. Record Breaker (2:33)
04. Centauri Into Space (6:04)
05. Rylos (2:05)
06. Beta Tramsforms (0:47)
07. Gunstars (0:45)
08. Victory Or Death (0:59)
09. Zur (2:35)
10. Krill (4:27)
11. Slap (0:34)
12. Hit Beast (0:59)
13. Centauri Dies (6:55)
14. Target Practice (2:23)
15. Alex’s First Test (2:56)
16. Alex Decides (2:54)
17. Beta’s Sacrifice (3:52)
18. Good Luck Starfighter (0:49)
19. DeathBlossom / Ultimate Weapon (4:49)
20. Big Victory March (2:20)
21. Alex Returns (3:32)
22. Into The Starscape (7:26)

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