The Last Glaciers Songs List

The Last Glaciers
Written by BeeBee
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The Last Glaciers Soundtrack list – The Last Glaciers tells the story of climate change through the visual impact of one of the planet’s most important and yet critically threatened resources.

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The Last Glaciers SoundTrack Songs List

01. The Last Glaciers (1:55)
02. Avalanche (0:46)
03. Mont Blanc Set Off (3:49)
04. Melting Warning (1:29)
05. Davos (6:42)
06. The Ascent (1:28)
07. Mountain Launch (4:34)
08. Nasa Flight (2:06)
09. Cody’s Theme (1:12)
10. Summit Push (1:39)
11. Kids Protest (1:16)

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