The Illegal Songs List

The Illegal
Written by BeeBee
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The Illegal Soundtrack list – A gritty realistic story about a young film school student from middle-class India who’s forced to drop out to support his family while staying in the United States as an undocumented worker.

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The Illegal SoundTrack Songs List

01. From Mumbai to LA (2:20)
02. The American Dream? (2:06)
03. Mahi’s Waltz (2:31)
04. I Will Find My Way (2:46)
05. Jessica (1:10)
06. My Dear Friend (2:45)
07. At Any Price (2:31)
08. The Life of Babaji (1:30)
09. Love Is Not an Option (1:31)
10. Don’t Lose Faith (2:40)
11. All Illegals (3:28)

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