The Green Inferno Songs List

The Green Inferno
Written by BeeBee
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The Green Inferno Soundtrack list – College freshman Justine becomes interested in a student social activism group led by Alejandro and his girlfriend Kara. The group plans a trip to the Amazon rainforest to stop a petrochemical company from forest clearing and displacing native tribes by filming them and streaming footage to raise awareness. Justine suggests she could bring attention to the issue through her father, a United Nations attorney.

The operation is funded by Carlos, a drug dealer who meets the group in Peru. They journey by boat to the construction site and begin their protest, chaining themselves to bulldozers while filming the land clearing. A private militia hired by the company arrives, and when Justine is nearly killed by an officer, the protest goes viral. The group is arrested, but Carlos bribes the police to release them. They depart by plane, but the plane’s engine explodes and it crashes in the jungle, killing several people, including Carlos.

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The Green Inferno SoundTrack Songs List

1. Opening Titles (2:28)
2. Justine (1:01)
3. In the Pastry Shop (1:11)
4. Go Ahead (2:06)
5. The Jaguar by the River (2:45)
6. Intervention (4:09)
7. The Plane Crash (1:14)
8. Lost in the Jungle (1:57)
9. Someone Is Coming (1:12)
10. The Tribe (3:42)
11. The First Sacrifice (4:17)
12. The Banquet (1:25)
13. I’m Really Sick (0:39)
14. A Night in the Cage (3:34)
15. The Virgin (2:59)
16. Run Samantha Run (0:53)
17. I Don’t Remember (2:19)
18. The Suicide (1:16)
19. The Plan (2:45)
20. Poor Funny Boy (2:05)
21. The Flight (1:48)
22. A Dangerous Place (1:16)
23. A Girl for a Ritual (3:45)
24. Tribe at War (1:01)
25. The Good Child (4:23)
26. Back Home (3:09)
27. The Big Green (Bonus Track) (1:36)
28. Running Across the Jungle (Bonus Track) (1:54)

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