The Great Water Songs List

The Great Water
Written by BeeBee
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The Great Water Soundtrack list – On his deathbed, Lem (Meto Jovanovski) thinks back to his childhood in a post-World War II Stalinist “reeducation” camp, where the children of parents unwilling to embrace the new realities of Yugoslavia are taught the ways of the communist future. The young Lem (Saso Kekenovski) befriends a boy named Isak (Maja Stankovska), and they survive under the stern but compassionate tutelage of headmaster Ariton (Mitko Apostolovski) and the more brutal ways of his assistant, Olivera (Verica Nedeska).

Neva Songs List

The Great Water SoundTrack Songs List

1. Chasing Lem (1:30)
2. The Great Water (1:44)
3. Blood Brothers (2:00)
4. The Gate (1:30)
5. Timelapse (4:37)
6. Drought Break (2:33)
7. First Magic (3:22)
8. Farewell (1:58)
9. Dream Box (3:34)
10. Icon of Love (2:00)
11. Forgiveness (2:00)
12. Die Is Cast (1:41)
13. Happy Hero (2:24)
14. Secret Place (1:38)
15. Snow Kiss (1:18)

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