The Forgotten Songs List

The Forgotten
Written by BeeBee
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The Forgotten Soundtrack list – A grieving mother tries to cope with the loss of her son. She is stunned when her psychiatrist and her husband tell her that she’s hallucinating, but she is determined to prove them wrong.

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The Forgotten SoundTrack Songs List

1. An Unsettling Calm (4:28)
2. Remember… (4:26)
3. In Memories Only, The Empty Page (7:52)
4. Containment Of A Darker Purpose (7:51)
5. The Experiment On Innocence (4:15)
6. Confronting Forever (3:49)
7. Re-Assembling Shattered Pieces (3:51)
8. Profound Emptiness… The Hangar (8:47)
9. Erasing The Truth (6:03)
10. Children, The Unbroken Bond (3:39)
11. End Credits (4:29)

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