The Desperate Hour Songs List

The Desperate Hour
Written by BeeBee
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The Desperate Hour Soundtrack list – On Friday, September 24, 2021, recently widowed mother, Amy Carr, decides to take a personal day off work. She waves goodbye to her young daughter, Emily, who boards a school bus, but discovers her teenaged son, Noah, still in bed complaining he is sick. Amy takes a jog through the woods, navigating through several routine calls while running. Shortly after meeting several police cars traveling hurriedly, Amy receives a bulletin on her cell phone reporting all area schools are in lockdown. Desperately trying to find out more information, Amy places several calls, the combination of which gradually allow her to piece together details. She learns there is an active shooter at the high school who has taken the life of a girl. Further, she concludes Noah is not home, but instead went to the high school after his truck is seen in the parking lot.

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The Desperate Hour SoundTrack Songs List

1. The Desperate Hour – Main Title 2:36
2. Waterfall Memories 2:29
3. Code Red Alert 5:19
4. Fastest Route 1:29
5. Noah’s Car Is Gone 4:05
6. I Have to Get There 5:20
7. Firearms and Medication 3:20
8. Blackout 3:30
9. Dispatches 4:29
10. All Is Lost – Interlude 2:52
11. Shooter 3:27
12. On the Offensive 5:37
13. The Call 4:03
14. Best of Intentions 2:18
15. Closer 1:18
16. Dedra Comforts Amy 1:51
17. Hostage Negotiator 3:51
18. Rushing to the Barrier 3:55
19. An Ending 2:32
20. Epilogue (Not an Ending) 2:12
21. An Ending – Alternate Version 1:17

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