The Country Bears Songs List

The Country Bears
Written by BeeBee
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The Country Bears Soundtrack list – Beary, a young bear, is raised by humans. He decides to trace his roots with the help of the Country Bears, an ex-musical band. By helping them reunite for a final show, he hopes to find himself too.

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The Country Bears SoundTrack Songs List

01. John Hiatt – Let It Ride (3:16)
02. John Hiatt – Where Nobody Knows My Name (4:19)
03. Don Henley & Bonnie Raitt – Can Love Stand The Test (3:41)
04. Krystal Marie Harris – The Kid In You (3:25)
05. Brain Setzer ’68 Comeback Special with Stephen Ro – I’m Only In It For The Honey (2:52)
06. Jennifer Paige – Kick It Into Gear (2:33)
07. John Hiatt with Alvin Chea, E.G. Daily, C – Straight To The Heart Of Love (Live) (4:40)
08. Bela Fleck – Bear Mountain Hop (1:56)
09. John Hiatt – Just The Goin’ (2:00)
10. E.G. Daily – Where Nobody Knows My Name (Reprise) (1:52)
11. The Byrds – So You Want To Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (2:06)
12. Elton John – Friends (2:25)
13. Christopher Young – Bearly Home (2:44)
14. Christopher Young – Nylon Hymn (3:42)

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