The Colony (Tides) Songs List

The Colony (Tides)
Written by BeeBee
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The Colony (Tides) Soundtrack list – After a global catastrophe nearly wipes out humanity on Earth, Earth’s elites fled to Kepler-209 space colony. A young astronaut named Blake from the Kepler colony returns to Earth with fellow astronauts Tucker and Holden. Their mission is to test whether Earth is suitable for human habitation and reproduction. Kepler-209 residents have modern technology and space travel but they have become infertile from heavy radiation there. This is the second attempt to return to Earth.

The space capsule lands roughly on a tidal flat near the Henderson Hub, a weather beacon that broadcasts telemetry data back to Kepler-209. Holden is killed, while Tucker commits suicide after a band of fertile humans, nicknamed “The Muds”, wounds him and captures him and Blake, and removes technology from the shuttle. Blake is imprisoned by the Muds and nearly drowns, but she is saved by a girl named Maila.

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The Colony (Tides) SoundTrack Songs List

01. Earth (3:01)
02. Two Klicks Away (2:03)
03. Village (1:51)
04. For the Many (4:26)
05. Invasion (1:40)
06. The Beach (2:04)
07. Exposure (1:14)
08. Its Called a Tree (2:30)
09. Reunion (2:04)
10. Prisoners (2:07)
11. Kiss of Death (1:40)
12. Outbreak (4:09)
13. Weather Station (1:28)
14. Kiss of Life (2:19)
15. Are They Coming (1:40)

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