The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Songs List

The Cleaning Lady Season 1
Written by BeeBee
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The Cleaning Lady – When whip-smart Cambodian doctor Thony De La Rosa comes to the United States for medical treatment to save her ailing son, she soon discovers her path won’t be as straightforward as she had hoped. As the system quickly fails her, pushing her into hiding, she resolves not to allow herself to be beaten down and marginalized, and becomes a cleaning lady for organized crime. Using her cunning and intelligence, Thony forges her own path in the criminal underworld, doing whatever she has to to survive.

And Just Like That Songs List

The Cleaning Lady Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. Luca (2:22)
2. Thony Takes the Job (1:28)
3. Runaway (2:31)
4. Thony Tells Arman (3:07)
5. Breaking In (2:31)
6. Garrett and Guns (3:28)
7. Fiona’s Family Bonds (2:55)
8. What the Future Holds (1:15)
9. Thony and Arman Team Up (1:13)
10. Laptop (2:51)
11. Tightrope (2:51)
12. Arman and Isabel (3:55)
13. Nadia (1:44)
14. Bloodstream (2:45)
15. Nadia Betrayed (3:32)
16. Let’s Roll Out (2:24)
17. Take the Win (2:16)
18. Lost Without You (3:25)
19. Someone to Watch over Me (3:41)

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