The Christmas Chronicles 2 Songs List

The Christmas Chronicles 2
Written by BeeBee
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The Christmas Chronicles 2 Soundtrack list – Two years after the events of the first film, Kate Pierce is now a cynical 13-year-old who is unhappy about spending Christmas in Cancún, Mexico with her mother Claire, her brother Teddy, Claire’s new boyfriend Bob Booker, and Bob’s son Jack. She wants to be back home, where it is snowing. Kate decides to run away and get an early flight back home to Boston. She catches a shuttle that Jack sneaks on to. They are unexpectedly transported, through a wormhole, to the North Pole by the driver, Belsnickel, a nefarious Christmas elf.

Kate and Jack are discovered and saved by Santa Claus, who brings them back to his house and Mrs. Claus. The Clauses give the kids a grand tour of their village and all it has to offer. The four of them go back to the house for dinner. Jack and Kate go to bed as Belsnickel and his follower Speck begin an attempt to destroy the village. Mrs. Claus tells the kids the origin story of Santa in Turkey and how he saved the elves from extinction, and received the Star of Bethlehem, a magical artifact that stops time in and provides power to Santa’s Village. The Clauses adopted Belsnickel. As he grew up and they had less time for him, he became unruly, causing him to be transformed into a human as a curse, and ran away.

Belsnickel releases Jola, a yule cat, into the reindeer pen, critically injuring Dasher. Belsnickel releases a potion into the village that causes the elves to go insane. He steals the Star of Bethlehem on top of the village’s Christmas tree. Santa and the others confront him. Santa attempts to take the star back and in the struggle between him and Belsnickel, it is accidentally destroyed, causing the power to go out in the village. The maddened elves start a snowball fight that allows Belsnickel to escape. Santa and Kate leave for Turkey in order to get the forest elves led by Hakan to build a new star. Jack leaves to get a root to cure the crazed elves while Mrs. Claus stays behind to tend to Dasher. Kate and Santa find the elves as Hakan (Malcolm McDowell) leads them into building a casing for a new star and Santa captures the power of the Star of Bethlehem inside it.

While flying back to the village, Belsnickel catches up to them on a sleigh pulled by his jackalotes (a hybrid of a jackal and a coyote) which he created, steals the star so he can stop himself from aging long enough to figure out how to replace Santa, and transports them back to 1990 Boston via a time-travel device he planted on Santa’s sleigh. Jack finds the root and brings it back to Mrs Claus. Kate attempts to buy AAA batteries for Belsnickel’s time travel device, which she and Santa now possess, at Boston airport to transport her and Santa back to the future. However, she is detained by airport security due to an apparent counterfeit (the money was marked 2020). Kate is taken to a locked security room with kids who have lost their parents. When Kate becomes upset about her wrongdoings at Cancun, another kid named Doug comforts Kate and helps her escape the room. After Kate joins Santa, she realizes Doug Pierce is her late father. With help from a worker named Grace, Santa gets everybody singing a Christmas song as the weather clears up. With Christmas spirit high enough for the sleigh to fly, Santa puts the batteries in and they transport back and recover the star.

Mrs. Claus makes the root into a powder. Jack fights his way to the snow cannons, places the powder inside, and shoots it onto the elves, curing them. Santa and Kate race back to the village evading Belsnickel as he chases them. Mrs. Claus throws an explosive gingerbread cookie in between both sleighs before they can collide in a game of chicken. Dasher recovers and assists Santa in defeating Jola, the latter hurling the yule cat out of the village. Kate places the star on top of the tree, restoring power to the village. Santa gives Belsnickel the first toy that they built together, and Belsnickel reconciles with them, transforming back into an elf.

Santa flies Kate and Jack back to Cancún where they inform an excited Teddy about their adventure. Kate also becomes more accepting of Bob. At the end of the day, Kate, her Mom, and Teddy, along with Bob and Jack sing “O’ Christmas Tree” as Santa, Mrs. Claus, Belsnickel, and the elves sing the same song in the North Pole.

The Christmas Chronicles 1 Songs List

The Christmas Chronicles 2 SoundTrack Songs List

The Christmas Chronicles 2
1. Welcome to the North Pole (3:32)
2. Jump! (2:40)
3. Oh Christmas Tree (3:17)
4. South Pole (1:35)
5. Have a Nice Trip (2:18)
6. Frozen Kids (2:43)
7. Last Sleigh to Cancun (3:03)
8. Time Twister (4:32)
9. Elf-Bane (2:24)
10. One Shot Left (2:01)
11. One Night Only (1:43)
12. An Elf’s Revenge (2:33)
13. Bon Voyage (1:35)
14. Riding To Turkey (1:32)

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