The Boat Songs List

The Boat
Written by BeeBee
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The Boat Soundtrack list – The film stars Joe Azzopardi as a lone sailor who finds an abandoned sailboat.[1] Out of curiosity, he approaches the abandoned sailboat, ties his boat to the Sailboat and jumps aboard and checks out the Sail to learn that there is no one present. He comes outside to realise that his boat tied to the abandoned Sailboat is gone and nowhere in sight. He goes to the deck and when he is about to urinate, one of the sails hit him and he almost goes overboard before he catches the railing in time and jumps back to the Sailboat.

He then proceeds to the bathroom and urinates and the door automatically closes. To his horror he realises that the door does not open. He finds a small window and opens it to find a Cargo ship passing by. He panics and tries to open the door, but in vain. He spends the night which is hit by a storm and he passes out on the bathroom floor. The next morning he finds water has flooded the sail boat and the water level is raising by each passing minute. He finds a rope hanging outside the bathroom window and throws it in the water which eventually tangles with the turbine and slows down the sailboat. With water level raising, he submerges and looks at the door knob and pushes it hard to break the door.

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The Boat SoundTrack Songs List

1. Haunting Memories 1:21
2. Broken Wave 0:55
3. Sailing 0:49
4. Diving In 1:41
5. Lost at Sea 4:45
6. Callin for SOS 1:46
7. Offshore 4:47
8. I Didn’t Want to Drag You Into This Mess 5:43
9. You Are My Best Friend 7:54
10. Bloody Hands 4:32
11. I Wasn’t Even There 2:25
12. Reckoning 2:06
13. Are You Ready 2:34
14. An Iced Awakening 1:11
15. Haunting Memories No Vin 1:23

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