The Bee Season Songs List

The Bee Season
Written by BeeBee
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The Bee Season Soundtrack list – Saul Naumann is a somewhat controlling Jewish husband and father. A Religious Studies professor at UC Berkeley, Saul wrote his graduate thesis on the Kabbalah. Because he was a devout Jew, his wife Miriam converted to Judaism when they married, and he nurtured his son Aaron as a traditional studious Jew like himself. When daughter Eliza wins her class spelling bee, they embark on a course of Kabbalah study to help her win. The film follows the family and the spiritual quests upon which they journey, in large part because of Saul: Miriam’s attempt to make herself whole, Aaron’s religious uncertainty, and Eliza’s desire to be closer to her father.

Miriam lives a secret life throughout her entire marriage to Saul, trying to fulfill the religious idea she learned from him, tikkun olam, or “repairing the world” and “reuniting its shards.” In momentary flashbacks by Miriam, we glimpse a scene of a crashed car with shattered glass, apparently the basis of an underlying hurt she has been suffering since childhood, perhaps the death of her parents. The beautiful life she had before the accident, symbolized by the kaleidoscope she always carried as a child, through which she was presented with its beautiful view of the world, is suddenly shattered when the accident occurred. Thereafter, seeking to restore the broken shards, Miriam compulsively creates beautiful light gathering objects (sometimes stealing them) and storing them in a secret warehouse.

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The Bee Season SoundTrack Songs List

01. I’ll Be Near You (4:19)
02. Prologue / Main Titles (3:14)
03. Spelling Suite (2:38)
04. Confidence (0:51)
05. Fresno Hotel (1:19)
06. What’s a Mystic? (4:00)
07. I Start Out Hearing It In My Head (5:08)
08. Washington (2:00)
09. Abulafia’s Path (2:20)
10. Partia II In D Minor, BWV 1004 (3:02)
11. You’re Not Coming With Me? (2:43)
12. Vessel of Light (3:37)
13. Orange Sheet (1:08)
14. Origami (0:59)
15. Shefa (3:50)
16. The Nationals (3:05)
17. Light (4:07)

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