The Antares Paradox Songs List

The Antares Paradox
Written by BeeBee
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The Antares Paradox Soundtrack list – The fiction takes place in a single room, involving dedicated astrophysicist Alexandra Baeza, who interacts via phone and video with the rest of characters. Alexandra is working in a Spanish branch of the SETI project. Upon receiving a signal from the Antares system that could herald the confirmation of extraterrestrial intelligence (and which she is required to verify), she receives the news of her father being at death’s door. She faces a dilemma as to whether priority should be given to career or to family.

The Statement Songs List

The Antares Paradox SoundTrack Songs List

1. The Question (4:04)
2. My First Antenna I (4:29)
3. The Dilemma (4:04)
4. The Storm (1:59)
5. My First Antenna II (4:34)
6. The Miracle (4:04)
7. Dani Iberseti (6:06)
8. The Choice I (2:38)
9. The Choice II (3:15)
10. Fire (4:19)
11. The Turn (5:55)
12. The Call (4:37)
13. The End (10:08)

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