Teen Titans Go! Songs List

Teen Titans Go!
Written by BeeBee
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Teen Titans Go! – The superheroes Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy love saving the world. But after they decide to stop fighting crime, things do not go as planned.

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Teen Titans Go! Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. Island Adventure (feat. Peter Michail & Jared Faber) (0:54)
2. Five Whole Days (feat. Peter Michail & Jared Faber) (1:16)
3. Shrimps and Prime Rib (feat. Jared Faber) (0:43)
4. Buggin (feat. David Gemmill) (0:48)
5. Work (feat. Peter Michail & Jared Faber) (1:19)
6. The Sticky Song (feat. Freedom Bremner) (1:08)
7. Space House (feat. Jared Faber & Sy Smith) (0:48)
8. Pepo the Pumpkin Man (feat. Freedom Bremner) (0:51)
9. Jump City Rock (feat. Nandi Bushell, Holly Palmer & Hynden Walch) (1:16)

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