Symptoms Songs List

Written by BeeBee
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Symptoms Soundtrack list – A masculine woman (Angela Pleasence) invites another woman (Lorna Heilbron) up to her house in the country and stabs her.

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Symptoms SoundTrack Songs List

1. Symptoms Opening Titles, Remembering Cora, Voices in the Attic (4:21)
2. Helen and Anne Walk – The Rowboat (3:14)
3. Many Things Happenin These Woods, Mirror, Stormy Night, The Voices Return (3:42)
4. Helen Watches Brady, Anne Meets Brady, Bicycle Ride (4:36)
5. Ann Follows the Voices – Ann Goes into the Attic (4:51)
6. Searching the Attic – Ann is Murdered (4:12)
7. Footsteps in the Attic, Helen Discovers Anne’s Body, More Noises from the Attic, Helen Searches the Woods (3:54)
8. Helen All Alone, John Looks for Anne, Helen Kills John (4:48)
9. Brady Cuts the Hair Off the Cadaver (2:27)
10. Helen Kills Brady, Cora’s Return, End Card (2:59)

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