Strange Behavior Songs List

Strange Behavior
Written by BeeBee
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Strange Behavior Soundtrack list – Strange Behavior (also known as Dead Kids) is a 1981 slasher film written and directed by Michael Laughlin, co-written with Bill Condon, and starring Michael Murphy, Louise Fletcher, and Dan Shor. Its plot follows a series of bizarre murders being perpetrated against teenagers in a small Midwestern town.

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Strange Behavior SoundTrack Songs List

01. Opening Credit/Murder In The Kitchen (2:26)
02. Tension In The Classroom (3:33)
03. Laboratory Theme (2:12)
04. Romance Theme (1:20)
05. Horror In The Bathroom (3:17)
06. Experiments In Tension (4:27)
07. Tension In The Graveyard (3:17)
08. Dad’s Story (5:51)
09. Pete Goes In For The Kill (1:57)
10. Tension In The Laboratory (1:19)
11. More Tension In The Laboratory (2:42)
12. Kill The Professor/Cleaning Up (1:41)
13. Wedding Theme (2:28)

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