Straight Into Darkness Songs List

Straight Into Darkness
Written by BeeBee
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Straight Into Darkness Soundtrack list – In the last days of WWII, two young American GIs desert their platoon and struggle to stay alive. They meet young orphan children who are trained killing machines and join them to defeat the Nazi.

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Straight Into Darkness SoundTrack Songs List

01. Crucible (6:29)
02. The Solemnity Of The Body (3:30)
03. The Wedding Party / He Reaches Out To Her And She Reaches Out To Him (7:09)
04. Flare (5:40)
05. The Mystery Sing (5:10)
06. Let The Cry Come / Supplication (6:07)
07. Nazikillers (6:43)
08. The Conqueror Worm (3:39)
09. Sleep And Dream / The Bidding Of Vast Formless Things (7:47)
10. Traditional Plainchant (arrangement: M. Convertino) (3:40)

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