Stay Close Songs List

Stay Close
Written by BeeBee
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Stay Close – Megan Pierce is a suburban mum living in the fictional suburb of Livingstone, and is hiding a murky past. She has found her soulmate in Dave, and they have three great kids. Ray Levine was once a talented documentary photographer. Losing the woman he loved changed him. Now he is in a dead-end job, playing a paparazzo-for-hire, pandering to rich kid pseudo-celebrities. Michael Broome is a detective still haunted by a cold case from seventeen years ago, when local husband and father, Stewart Green, disappeared without any trace. Green’s wife still waits for Stewart to return.

When another man goes missing on the anniversary of Stewart’s disappearance, Broome takes the case in the hope of exorcising his demons. Lives are in danger of being ruined, relationships splintered, as Broome’s investigations open old wounds, stir up memories, and threaten to expose the truth. Weaving their way through the spaces of what binds these three lives together are a couple of colourful psychopaths, intent on completing their own agenda.

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Stay Close Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. Rohypnol (2:36)
2. Meghan’s Theme (2:47)
3. The Life I Left Behind (2:34)
4. Off the Beat (3:28)
5. Carnival Night (2:06)
6. Neon Dreams (1:55)
7. Into the Woods (1:40)
8. Not Everything Has to End Badly (1:31)
9. Cabin Fever (1:45)
10. Bridge of Lies (1:51)
11. Ray’s Confession (1:56)
12. It’s Terminal (1:16)
13. Walk and No Talk (1:16)
14. What Could Have Been (2:42)
15. The Man In Black (1:20)
16. I’ll Stay Close (1:55)
17. Cassie’s Farewell (2:01)

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