Stan & Ollie Songs List

Stan & Ollie
Written by BeeBee
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Stan & Ollie Soundtrack list – In 1937, while making Way Out West, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy discuss their contracts, agreeing they are not being justly compensated. Stan advocates leaving Hal Roach to set up their own production company while Oliver is reluctant to rock the boat. Later, at Fox Studios, Stan waits for Oliver so they can sign to Fox. Oliver doesn’t show and remains tied to Roach, who puts him in the film Zenobia with an elephant, leading to a rift between the two men. In 1953, they embark on a music hall tour of the UK and Ireland while trying to get a comedic movie of Robin Hood made. Poor publicity in Britain has the tour begin in near-empty backstreet theatres as producer Bernard Delfont focuses on his up-and-coming star Norman Wisdom. Public appearances improve ticket sales, and they sell out much larger prestigious venues.

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Stan & Ollie SoundTrack Songs List

1. Main Title (1:13)
2. Studio Safari (3:13)
3. Newcastle, England 1953 (0:39)
4. Desk Bell (1:17)
5. The Split (2:17)
6. The Tour Begins (1:26)
7. The Hard Slog Around The UK (1:33)
8. Train To London (1:20)
9. From The Savoy To Miffin (1:31)
10. Desk Girl (1:26)
11. Dejected Abbott and Costello (2:04)
12. The Lyceum (0:28)
13. I’m Through With Him (2:09)
14. Ollie Collapses (1:25)
15. Sausages Don’t Pay For Themselves (0:43)
16. I’m Retiring (1:43)
17. Robin Hood Dream (1:30)
18. Ollies Heart (2:15)
19. Arriving In Ireland (1:03)
20. The Last Show (3:22)
21. Epilogue And End Titles (2:41)

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